Palm Tree Island

Wrightsville Beach's Signature Apparel

"I Love my stuff! I love my PTI crop tops, hoodies, and hats.. great quality! If you need some local gear or souvenirs for the family " - Rachael Diddens, Wilmington

"Great company! Awesome apparel and always supports the local community when ever opportunities arise"- Alexander McDaniel, Wrightsville Beach

You Can't Pave Our Paradise

Palm Tree Island has become an iconic symbol of Wrightsville Beach. The palm tree and parking meter were originally "planted" as a playful prank by locals. The island has become a tongue in cheek symbol of the town’s commitment to preserving the serenity of their beach---a commitment that locals love! So, go ahead and settle into our Wrightsville rhythm. Let your worries disappear beneath the high tide. Come Low tide, take a deep breath as a brand new island appears, fresh and full of possibilities--everyday.


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