You Can't Pave Our Paradise

Palm Tree Island has become an iconic symbol for the fun and indomitable spirit of Wrightsville beach. The palm tree was originally "planted" in 2000 by the Salling family. The meter followed, placed by another group. Over the years, the island's peculiar inhabitants have become a tongue in cheek symbol of the town’s commitment to preserving the serenity of their beach---a commitment that locals love! You won't see big, tacky billboards or neon sharks at Wrightsville Beach--just a shoreline so pristine you have to see it to believe it!

In the face of nationwide overdevelopment, the palm tree and parking meter have grown to represent a strong commitment to coastal preservation. Preserving the local culture and history of coastal communities is a core value of our company.

 So, Paddle, sail, or motor out to our beloved mascot. Go ahead and settle into our coastal rhythm. Let your worries disappear with the island as it sinks below the high tide! Come low tide, take a deep breath as a new island appears, fresh and full of possibilities--everyday.